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Thank you for your interest in Christmas Epaulets.  John Knutson was a pilot for North Central, Republic, and Northwest Airlines who lost his battle with stomach cancer in 1997 at the age of 56.  John was also a veteran of the United States Army.  About 8 years ago, John's widow, Mary, got the idea to start making Christmas Epaulets.  The money started to come in and she decided that all proceeds should go to the Chetek-Weyerhaeuser Scholarship Foundation in John's memory as he was a 1959 graduate of Chetek High School.  Recently, in recognition of John's sense of patriotism and his military service it was decided that 50% of all profits from Christmas Epaulets be given to Snowball ExpressSnowball Express is a 501c3 organization devoted to helping the children between the ages of 5 and 18 of deceased military veterans.  Snowball Express is devoted to bettering the lives and futures of the children of our fallen military heroes!

Originally all epaulets were hand sewn by Mary at her kitchen table, but as popularity has grown, manufacturing has been taken over by a local lady, Lois Hartman, her husband Bob, and the Knutson family right here in the USA in Chetek Wisconsin and packaging is handled by the students of CW schools.

All profits from the sale of these epaulets go directly to Snowball Express and the general fund of the CWSF, and to date there has been over $47,500 donated through this program.

The Knutson family, Snowball Express and the CWSF hope that you will bring yourself and many others many smiles and happy thoughts with the spirit of Christmas, support of our Military Veterans, and the future education of Americas young people as you wear this reminder of the season and tribute to a fine person and pilot. 

Captain Standard Christmas Epaulets
$20.00 a pair
$3.50 shipping and handling

Captain Velcro Christmas Epaulets
$20.00 a pair
$3.50 shipping and handling


Co-Pilot Standard Christmas Epaulets
$20.00 a pair
$3.50 shipping and handling

New for 2016

Flight Attendant or Flight Engineer
Standard 2 Stripe Christmas Epaulets
$20.00 a pair
$3.50 shipping and handling


Co-Pilot Velcro Christmas Epaulets
$20.00 a pair
$3.50 shipping and handling

  Any questions, please contact Tim Knutson at
  Christmas Epaulets story in local Newspaper
Christmas Epaulets Flyer

For purchases of 1 to 6 pair, $3.50
shipping and handling per order.      

For purchases of 7 to 12 pair, $5.00
shipping and handling per order.

For more than 12 pairs, FREE shipping and handling.

For international delivery, please contact Tim at