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Sitting left to right:  Fred Bannister, Tim Knutson, John Flor.

Standing left to right: Shari Gaier, Mary Huset, Connie Olson,  Eunice Dewey, Board Member, Alyce Bannister, Dawn Knutson

Missing from picture:  Randi Osberg,  Mark Rykal, Steve Vork, Janis O'Hara, Randy Albrecht, Bob Rogers, Diane Huiras

Steve Vork, DVM

Steve Vork joined the CWSF in 2009.  He has lived and worked in Chetek since graduating from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinarian Medicine in 1980.  His two sons graduated from Chetek High School and his wife, Patsy, teaches 6th grade in the Chetek school.  He would like to see all young people with the desire for post secondary education have the opportunity.  Reducing the large debt owed by many students at the end of their program is a worthwhile goal.  Steve also serves on the board of the Chetek Youth Center and is a regular volunteer for that organization.


John Flor
Vice President

John Flor has been a member of the CWSF since 2004.  He was born and raised in Chetek and graduated from Chetek in 1986.  John's family has lived in Chetek for 5 generations and he believes that having a strong community starts with having a strong school. He continues this tradition as him and his wife and four children live in Chetek. John feels as college education expenses increase we have an obligation as a community to support our children.  Hopefully, this assistance will be a determining factor when many of our children decide where they would like to live, work and raise their children. After graduating from Chetek, John attended the University of Minnesota and received a Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree.  After college, he was commissioned an officer in the U.S. Navy and served ten years as a Naval Flight Officer in the EA-6B Prowler.  In 2001 he moved back to Chetek and joined the family business at Six Lakes Realty where John is a Managing Broker. John is very active in his community he is highly involved with the local and state Board of Realtors, currently serving as the President elect of the Realtors Association of Northwestern Wisconsin and Treasurer of the Wisconsin Realtors Association. He also serves on the St. Boniface Parish Finance Committee, the Chetek Chamber of Commerce and is active with the Chetek Lions Club.



Dawn Knutson

Dawn has been the involved in the CWSF since 2007, she is currently the treasurer.  After graduating from Chetek in 1988 and experiencing the big world, her and her husband, Tim Knutson, realized the importance of a small community and knew Chetek would be the best place to raise a family.  Dawn believes education is vital to achieving your life's aspirations.  Every graduating senior who has the desire and ambition to continue their education should have the opportunity.  The CWSF can help these students achieve their dreams. Dawn's hope is the CWSF scholarship recipients will learn an important life lesson that giving back to community is a significant responsibility of being an adult. Hopefully they will experience the same satisfaction as the members of the board have that helping others is a job well done. Dawn is currently a homemaker. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in 1992 with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree.



Tim Knutson
Board Member

Tim Knutson is a 1986 graduate of Chetek who is employed outside the community as well as a small farmer. Tim has been the president of CWSF since Spring of 2008.   He and his wife Dawn have two kids.  Tim's vision for the CWSF is to have an organization that can eventually provide self sustaining aid to Chetek-Weyerhaeuser graduates in their quest to gain secondary education, go out in the world and make a difference, and hopefully return one day to give a small piece of their spoils back to the community in which they grew up.




Alyce Bannister
Board Member

Alyce Bannister has been a member of the CWSF since 2003.  She moved to Chetek in 1965 after marrying Dr. Fred Bannister who was a family physician in Chetek.  Alyce knows that through their three daughters that Chetek High School gives students the skills they need to succeed beyond high school.  She also feels it's a big world out there and to make the most of their opportunities, a student will need further education, be it through the technical or university systems.  She is committed to helping them get a financial start through our CWSF, which also says to them, We Believe in You and your success in the future. Alyce graduated from the University of Kansas in 1963 with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  Having an education opened all sorts of doors for work and life experiences for Alyce both in Kansas and California.  From 1986-2003 she was the Chetek School Nurse and started a Certified Nursing Assistant Program for high school students through the Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, which she is still teaching.  It was through this experience that she realized the importance the role of the community takes in supporting our students with their encouragement and financial support.  It can make the difference between success or failure of a student.


Dr. Fred Bannister
Board Member

Dr. Fred Bannister has been involved with CWSF since its inception date of 1996.  He practiced medicine as a family physician in Chetek for 40 years.  Dr. Bannister feels it is important to give the kids from Chetek-Weyerhaeuser a fighting chance in the world we live in.  His three children had several great educational experiences attending the Chetek School District. Dr. Bannister feels post high school education is reaching cost level threatening education for new Chetek - Weyerhaeuser high school graduates and we need to work to ameliorate this.



Eunice Dewey
Board Member

Eunice (Hanson) Dewey has been involved with CWSF since 1999. She graduated from the Chetek School District in 1970. Eunice feels that nothing could be more important than having CWHS graduates realize the value of continuing education and then be a part of helping them to obtain that education. Education is expensive and anything CWSF can do to help CWHS graduates get started on post secondary degrees is important to her and to CWSF.  Eunice worked in three local education districts during her career; 13 years in the Barron School District, 7 years in the Bloomer School District and 13 years in the Chetek School District. She was hired as a middle school counselor in 1994 and became the high school guidance counselor in 1999.   She has been involved in career planning and post secondary education for her entire career and believes that everyone; in this day and age, can realize their potential by obtaining specialized training after high school.

Connie Olson
Board Member

Connie (Jacobson) Olson has been involved in CWSF since its inception in 1996 and has several links with the school and the community.  She graduated from Chetek, along with other members of her family, and her mother taught English in Chetek for 30 years. Connie's husband, Wayne, also taught at CHS in the industrial arts department, then later was elected to the Chetek Board of Education for 19 years.  Connie wants to help graduates from CWHS with their college expenses because she is very aware of the struggles students have to pay for their own education.  Although Connie's parents helped her, the enormity of their gift didn't hit home until she helped her husband pay off his school loans.  Later, the cost of college for their own children was staggering which is why Wayne and Connie are so appreciative of scholarship monies their children were awarded.  Connie has taught in the Cameron School District for 25 years and currently enjoys her job as the K-6 library media specialist.